Got Agency?

What is an image worth?

Think about that for a second. How much is gained from how you look? If you want someone to take you seriously, you dress up. You clean up. You do what you can to present an image of respectability, professionalism, and seriousness. All the positive qualities in the world can be quickly negated by sloppy presentation or disheveled look.

So why would someone present their business with cheaply made materials? Wouldn’t you say it’s worth the money to hire a design specialist, either on your staff or an outside company? If the public’s first impression is going to be through your ad, or your catalog, or your television commercial, doesn’t it make sense to create something original, clean, and professional – not something jumbled, grainy, and uninspired?

The more involved I get in my new career field, the more I ask this question – isn’t the ultimate goal of a business to succeed? And if you’re not advertising with quality materials, media that gives your business a competitive advantage and not some black and white catalog printed in MS Word with the usual standard clip art, then what do you think the first impression is going to be?

Whenever I see a “Got (Insert Product Here)?” knockoff, I think about this. Whenever I see a horribly designed political brochure, I think about this. It’s my job, I know, but even looking at it with my “general public” eyes, it just doesn’t make any sense.

Why are you setting yourself up to fail?

This was lovingly handwritten on August 16th, 2006