Low fidelity

Yes, High Fidelity is a movie about an obsessive list-maker, the music he loves, and the woman he tries to win back.

But that doesn’t mean it should be made into a musical.

Check it out: High Fidelity, the Musical. Click on “video” to see a horrible mangle of the original movie’s (and Nick Hornby’s written) words.

Then, check out this clip from the actual movie. Because after watching that tripe, you’ll need the soothing voice of Bruce Springsteen.

I’m sure any remake of High Fidelty — one of my favorite movies — would come under some serious fire. You really can’t remake something that captures the “music fanatic’s” life so well. But the musical — or at least the song they sing on the video — is just horrible. Cheesy. No — Cheezy. With a “Z.”


This was lovingly handwritten on September 10th, 2006