A hairshirt for whoever’s responsible


It’s a travesty.

One of the greatest movies of all time — a multiple award Oscar nominee and Golden Globe winner, starring two “hall of fame” caliber actors (Peter O’Toole and Richard Burton) — has been canceled for its DVD release.

Yes. Becket has been canceled.

This movie is a fascinating account of the legendary battles between King Henry II and Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury. The history alone is DVD worthy, but this film transcends it all. After watching it for the first time in Carl Swanson’s British Literature class, it quickly became my favorite story of British history. I even named my dog after Thomas Becket. And now? The movie’s being banished into the same dark corner that Banacek (a great television show from the 70s) and the second season of Twin Peaks occupy — a shameful area where brilliant, classic pieces of film and television are left without DVD release.

It’s sad.


So, for now, let’s try to get this movie back on track. Sign the petition to bring Becket to DVD. Do just do it for me. Do it for history.

Do it in the name of good film.

This was lovingly handwritten on September 30th, 2006