We’re writing, and we’re drinking

Drunk writing.

Most of us who blog have done it. It’s common — blogging is an instantaneous form of writing, immediately publishable and impossible to stop, so when inspiration strikes — even when you’re hosting a grill-out party or happen to be drinking during a football game — you have to write.

I used to have a small notebook that I took with me everywhere. It was a feature of my Swiss Army wallet, and I often found myself in a bar bathroom scribbling some random inspiration, only to discover it later and have trouble both deciphering it and figuring out why I felt the need to scribble it in the bar bathroom in the first place.

Rule, Brittaniea proposes we embrace this act. We should get drunk and write things that are a bit twisted. We should follow our inspiration and walk down the same hazy, staggering path that Faulkner and Hemingway knelt at the side of, their watered brain soaked in whiskey. With National Drunken Writing Night, we’re invited to join together as serious and not-so-serious writers and let the stream of consciousness flow from the tips of our booze-addled fingers.

Drunken Writing Night!

Nothing gets me in the mood like a strong, dark rum — that magical elixir that momentarily silences the voices in my head who whisper You’ll never be as good as them and allows me to believe that, even if for just a night, every idea that sprouts into my brain is absolutely genius.

Often, the morning reveals a different story. I have notebooks and scraps of bar napkins to prove this, half of which I can barely read and the other half of which I don’t even understand.

Once a year, to celebrate the grand tradition of creative alcoholism, we celebrate National Drunken Writing Night.

Who’s with me? Let’s drink! Let’s WRITE!

This was lovingly handwritten on November 3rd, 2006