Twin Seasons

Well, my day has become significantly brighter, now that I am assured a continuation of one of the greatest television shows ever.

I was fully prepared to use my 15-minute morning writing exercise (used to prepare my mind for a day of commercial writing and pamphlet proofing, which is how I justify writing blog posts at work) to talk about soundtracks and The Nutcracker Suite.

Then I saw the news. And joy erupted throughout my soul.

David Lynch has announced that Season Two of Twin Peaks would finally be coming to DVD this spring.

From The Boston Globe (you’ll need to scroll down — it’s the second paragraph):

Answers a la David Lynch
…Lynch did manage to make a little news, announcing that the second season of his long-ago TV series “Twin Peaks” is coming out on DVD next spring. At that, the crowd erupted in applause.(The council declared Sunday “David Lynch Day.”)

Indeed. Twin Peaks is back, and we’ve heard it straight from the horse’s mouth. Warm up some pie. Grab some coffee. Twin Peaks marathon at our house!

Let the weirdness resume.

This was lovingly handwritten on December 6th, 2006