The roads oft travelled

I’ve got a great idea. At least, it’s a great idea if you’re into reading about someone’s travel thoughts and experiences.

What is the one constant to every traveler? It’s not the experiences, and it’s not the sights (which change and evolve with consumer needs, are closed at night, and are seasonably run). It’s the roads. We might not see or feel the same things, but we travel the same paths to get there.

So I thought it would be fun to, periodically, travel down those roads again. I will take one road – Champs Elysees, Pike Street, Franklin Avenue, Whitehall – and break it down, remembering my experiences, the great spots, the anecdotes, etc. It will be a way to connect an entire lifetime of experience into something structurally solid – a single road, serving as a line between two points of interest.

This is more of an announcement of future posts. These will be coming soon. One a month? Whenever I feel like it? Yes. Something like that. Look for them soon.

This was lovingly handwritten on December 12th, 2006