Sioux Falls Blogger Meet-up

Who blogs in Sioux Falls?

We’ll find out soon enough — the first ever Sioux Falls Blogger Meet-up has been scheduled by the kids at Fresh Glue and Gadgetopia. And even if they forgot to include you on the e-mail, you’re invited:

Sioux Falls Blogger Meet-up
Monday, December 18th – 8:00 PM

Scooter’s Coffeehouse
(5009 S. Western Ave., Suite 240 – Click for Google Maps)
That’s the corner of 57th and Western, just south of Bracco.

I’m pretty excited, actually — I’ve always been jealous of the blogs that get groups of people together to talk about, well, whatever. So, if you’re a blogger, come on down. Let’s discuss whatever it is we bloggers think about.

Like ourselves, for instance.

And if you have a random, often wandering personal blog, come keep me company. I fear there isn’t much room in popular blogdom for non-specific “this-is-my-life” blogs. We need all the help we can get.

This was lovingly handwritten on December 14th, 2006