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The Argus conversation continues over at SD Watch, Todd Epp’s valiant blogorama. Epp recounts his history with newspapers, conceding that while he has adapted and recognizes newspapers as unneeded clutter, there still is a romantic side to reading a good daily newspaper.

From BMOWP: The Dead and Dying Argus Leader–and Other Dailies: (Don’t just sit there. Go read the whole thing!)

I believe my Boomer generation is the last to be avid newspaper readers. As I’ve written before, most of the kids I’ve worked with in political campaigns do not read a physical newspaper.

I’m glad I’m not a newspaper publisher. I don’t know what the solution is to bring back readers like me and bring in the kids.

Some people have adapted. Others have simply given up. Newspapers are falling out of favor. But reading a great Sunday paper may never die, simply because there is an audience that will hold on tight, just like there is an audience holding tight to other archaic forms of communication once thought dead: radio, films, corded telephones.

This coming Sunday paper will probably be our last. I’ve realized that I can use that money better elsewhere.

Like Netflix.

(Edit: South Dakota Politics also commented on the post, though really they just commented on Todd Epp’s comments: The Demise of the Argus Leader.)

This was lovingly handwritten on January 16th, 2007