The monthly Corey Vilhauer Book of the Month Club selection for February is up at The Millions (A Blog About Books). This month, I tackle the “Introduction.” More specifically, Dostoyevsky’s Notes from Underground.

From The Millions:

I’d like to think that, 200 years from now, I’ll be immortalized with a Penguin Classics edition of my life’s work – a 700-page tome spanning my early blogging career to my brilliance in advertising copy to my eventual Great American Whatever. I see it bound in something collectible – my skin, perhaps, or threads of wallpaper from the basement where all of the magic happened.

It will have an introduction, of course. The introduction will be written by someone incredibly talented and well-thought-of. I imagine a design by Chris Ware (okay, he’ll be dead, so a design by Chris Ware’s great grandchildren or something. Humor me here.)

Go check it out. We all love extra traffic.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 2nd, 2007