Two years and still running

I almost forgot that today is the two-year anniversary of the first Black Marks on Wood Pulp (or, as it was at that time, cdubblog) post.

The only reason I ever remember this is because it falls so close to the day that Hunter Thompson died. I see his name, I see the word “anniversary,” and I realize I’ve almost missed my own sort of cool anniversary.

So, yeah. Two years! Hoo-ray!

In honor of this event, check out the history of Black Marks on Wood Pulp – and all of its subtle differences – on the Wayback Machine web site. Unfortunately, there are no posts of the crucial “Black Period” that started it all.

Or, check out The First Post (and the rest of the first month, February 2005)

This was lovingly handwritten on February 20th, 2007