Wishing a rumor away

Please. No.

From the Dallas Morning News:

Reggie on the radar?

No way of knowing how serious it is yet, but Reggie Miller could be a candidate for the Mavericks’ vacant roster spot.

Owner Mark Cuban brought up Miller’s name before Monday’s game against the Hawks. The former Indiana Pacers star is the No. 1 3-point shooter in NBA history. He retired after the 2004-05 season, but remains in excellent physical shape.

And joining the Mavericks would give him the chance to do about the only thing he never did in his illustrious career – win a championship.

Avery Johnson said he and president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson have been discussing options for the open spot, but are not close to any decisions.

Miller currently is a member of TNT’s broadcast team.

It’s a silly rumor, but it’s a real one all the same. If this happens, and Reggie concedes to win a title the cheap way, I will lose a lot of respect for him.

Please, Reggie. Stay away from basketball. Look at what happened to Jordan — disappointment.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 28th, 2007