New life, spotted

Baby VilhauerIt’s just a few months away.

Soon, our lives will change. Our actions will be watched, closely, carefully analyzed and copied, developed and experimented, by eyes that have yet to be tainted by a lifetime of experiences.

Soon, we’ll be responsible for more than just the simple tasks we perform for our dog – we’ll not just look after someone’s body and safety, but we’ll look after his or her spirit, knowledge, familiarity and teachings, goals and dreams.

Soon, we’ll be watching a cavalcade of “firsts.” We will marvel at how complex life can be, how strange and wonderful it all is; to see what would happen if Kerrie and I were thrown together, mixed into a single being, developed into human form and sent off into the world.

And then, sooner than we’ll realize, we’ll be sending someone off to school, to shape a future and create a love for life. He or she will gain and lose hobbies, friends, significant others, ideals and desires. Life will change.

Life already has. More than anything, the vision beaming from the ultrasound screen was beautiful. It was the future, alive with the breath of life, heart beating, arms moving, legs crossed, mohawk forming. And it was the present – the combination of our good and bad traits, a creation designed from our intertwined DNA, shaped into a mass of human tissue, created to bring joy and pain, laughter and sorrow, to our lives.

Soon, we’ll be welcoming a new life into the world. But for now, we’re content just knowing that he or she is safe. Alive and kicking. Healthy.

A loving family awaits. Just a few months away.

This was lovingly handwritten on March 6th, 2007