Who needs Artest?

Please. Stop.

Now someone is suing the Pacers’ MASCOT.

From an AP article on MSNBC:

It never ends for Pacers — mascot sued
Man claims ‘Boomer’ tackled him from behind, caused permanent injury

After taking part in the free-throw contest, the lawsuit states that Jackson began to leave the basketball court but was tackled from behind by the team’s mascot, “Boomer,” a 6-foot-tall blue cat with gold whiskers.

The employee who knew about Jackson’s back surgery immediately told the mascot about the surgery, and Boomer responded by kicking at Jackson’s legs, the lawsuit alleges.

I don’t know what’s more ridiculous: Boomer the Mascot
• That someone is suing the mascot.
• That the mascot has the same mean streak as the rest of the Pacers that have been filtered through the locker room over the past three seasons.
• That the Indiana Pacers’ mascot is, inexplicably, a large feline.
• That I just saw Boomer a few weeks ago, at Crunch’s Birthday Party, and didn’t even realize that the Pacers HAD a mascot.
• That the mascot’s name is, just as inexplicably, Boomer.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Pacers were 29-24, looking to squeeze into that 4th playoff spot and get home court advantage for the first round. Now, after losing seven in a row, we’re two games under .500 and sinking fast.

Just stop this season, please. I thought it was bad being a Timberwolves fan. But at least they have a bright young rookie and Kevin Garnett. In Indiana? We’re the 7th seed in a horrible conference, which means that even though we suck, we’re still not going to get a lottery pick.

And now even our mascot has taken to the usual Pacer-esque drivel.


This was lovingly handwritten on March 9th, 2007