Dear MLB 2K7…

Dear Executive In Charge of Selecting Video Game Music at 2K Sports,

I think it’s really neat that you’ve selected a group of indie rockers to represent your newest creation, MLB 2K7. It’s not new — you’ve done it before, tapping Matador Records (MLB 2K6), Sub Pop Records (NHL 2K6) and Dan the Automator (NBA 2K7) in the past.

I like the idea that Tapes N’ Tapes, Death From Above 1979 and Wolfmother are featured artists. I also like that The Pixies and The Stooges are, in some small weird way, brought back to relevance through video game baseball.

However, I have a problem with one thing. I keep seeing the commercial for your upcoming release. I keep hearing the same song, stammering to myself as it hits its chorus, wondering aloud how it could possibly be used to sell any sort of product.

It’s Nirvana. Nirvana? Is that really necessary? Despoiling Nirvana’s “Breed” — one of thier best songs?

Nirvana in a video game? That’s like Jeff Buckley selling Snickers. Like John Lennon hawking Michelin Tires. Stevie Wonder singing about Diet Pepsi.

Oh, wait.

It just feels like some artists should be left alone — that they shouldn’t be selling products. Nirvana, for some reason, is one of them.

I have a hard time with that. It’s unfounded and wishy-washy — how can I accept The Pixies, a band I like more than Nirvana, but not Nirvana itself? But it’s still hard to believe.

Did Kurt Cobain like baseball? Did he play video games? I suppose Courtney needs to make money somehow.

I’m just saying.

A Concerned Consumer Who, For Some Reason, Really Wants To Purchase the New MLB 2K7 Video Game.

This was lovingly handwritten on March 15th, 2007