We’re talkin’ about The Road

Another month, another Corey Vilhauer Book of the Month at Millions.

This time, I give The Road its due as “The Best Book I’ve Read in Five Years.”

From The Millions (A Blog About Books):

Reading The Road leaves nothing but thought. It spells out the special bond between father and son, especially when put to the test. It shows survival like no other. How hard it is to break a spirit. How long it takes a man to die inside, and what that does to the body outside.

It leaves you wondering why the world has, for the most part, ended? We barely know. For our own protection, I assume. Could we take the truth? Isn’t it enough to walk alongside these vacant, hollowed out corpses, slumming from camp to camp, fearful of not just death, but of how death can come; armed with enough to make it quick – dying being the only escape from capture.

Go check it out.

This was lovingly handwritten on April 3rd, 2007