400 words published online

Well, I got an e-mail recently regarding my entry into the 400 Words magazine. The subject was ‘Work,’ and so I wrote something quick and sent it in, and they liked it enough to include it on the website.

Here’s an excerpt from 400 Words: Advertising Writer (by Me)

I write advertising, which to many people is a hum all its own. It’s a thankless, nameless profession. I am responsible for trying to persuade you that a trek to the grocery store for a candy bar is a good idea. Even when you come home and watch another commercial while eating your candy bar, my job is the same. To sell you another candy bar. My ultimate goal is to get you to buy a second candy bar, even after you’ve already eaten the first one—to make you get off of your couch, where you are sitting comfortably without a candy bar, with a stomach full of your first candy bar. To worm my way into your brain again.

It’s funny – reading it again, I like it a lot. Which means this is officially the first thing I’ve written that I’ve really truly liked.

That’s what time will do to something, I guess.

Next stop – publication in the magazine, hopefully.

This was lovingly handwritten on April 4th, 2007