Sioux City?

Sure, I like finding typos and errors in the newspaper and on websites. It’s part of my job, I guess, so sometimes I take it home, filled with a sense of success in finding other people’s mistakes.

It’s aggravating, I’m sure. But it’s something that Kerrie and I enjoy together — we’re proofers. She’s much better than I am — she’s not as lazy and enjoys proofing, while I find it to be a bore — but we still delight in finding Argus typos every day.

So you’d think I’d be happy to find this horrible typo on the Sheraton Sioux Falls webpage. But no. I’m annoyed.

Sioux City?

See, here’s the deal. We’re not Sioux City. We’re Sioux Falls. We’re an hour north.

Additionally, we’re not located in Iowa or North Dakota. We’re a city with over 150,000 people and a Metropolitan Service Area of over 200,000. We’re not a po-dunk little crap hole in the corner of South Dakota. So it’s not like getting the names mixed up is an okay mix-up.

Imagine someone going into St. Paul and calling it St. Croix. There’s a difference.

It’s Sioux Falls. Not Sioux City.

Sorry. It’s a pet peeve.

This was lovingly handwritten on April 5th, 2007