Brian at Ekonoline asked.

I answered.

An interview, at Ekonoline. Check it out now.

BG: Do you feel writing about a variety of topics has helped your readership grow, or hindered it? Do stats and readership levels matter at all?

CV: It has definitely hurt, without a doubt. I find myself being, to use an old cliché, a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None.” I’ve been categorized primarily as a book blog – but only about 25% of my posts focus on reading or books.

In order to build readership, bloggers need to really hone in on one subject. But because readership is secondary to BMOWP being my own personal sandbox, I’m able to be free. Not that I wouldn’t love to have millions of hits per day and a dedicated fan base – it’s just not how the site was designed. And it doesn’t bother me, really.

Though sometimes I still find myself screaming out into the blogosphere, seeing if anyone’s actually reading.

This was lovingly handwritten on April 11th, 2007