Now better tasting!

Honeycomb - NOW BETTER!Our cereal is making a strange claim.

We just bought a box of Honeycomb cereal. Kraft foods has placed a new label on the front – Now Better Tasting!

Wait. Says who?

Who has decided that Honeycomb is truly “better tasting” than it used to be? What research have they done to back up this claim? What changes did they make?

I’m sure verbiage like this sells cereal all the time. The cereal industry has conducted plenty of focus groups on what to say and how to product their cereal.

So maybe I’m a cynic when I say, “If it’s better tasting now, what was wrong with it before?”

“Why wasn’t it the best it could be previously? And how did you quantify a subjective claim?”

So, with these questions in mind, I decided to ask. I went to and sent an e-mail:

I have recently purchased a box of Honeycomb cereal. The box says “Now Better Tasting!” right on the front.

My question is this — how can you quantify “better tasting?” What research or changes were made to make Honeycomb “better tasting?” How can you account for personal taste on a cereal box?

I’m just a concerned customer wondering how accurate your cereal’s claims are.

Corey Vilhauer

Let’s see what they say. I want to know how they can make such an unquantifiable claim – to become so subjective in saying the cereal is now “better tasting.” It can’t be proven. I might not like it at all now.

Let’s see if this was an empty marketing ploy or a true-to-life statistic.

This was lovingly handwritten on April 11th, 2007