Voter apathy

Call them what you will. Call them bourgeous, call them spoiled, call them anti-American and ultra-liberal and dirty and smelly. Call them every half-baked insult and stereotype in the book.

The French had an 84.6% voter turnout for their Presidential election this weekend.

Nearly Eighty-Five Percent.

On a similar note, the United States played host to a 60.7% turnout for the 2004 Presidential election. That was the highest in nearly 40 years.

We as Americans pride ourselves on being patriotic – on doing the right thing and supporting the ideals that millions have died for over the 200 years we’ve been a nation. Unfortunately, nearly 40% of us don’t even bother to vote for our leaders.

(And you know a good majority of those who don’t vote manage to complain about the leaders that are elected.)

This isn’t a party-line type thing. This is laziness. Apathy. We’re taking it for granted.

Sure, the French seem snotty and rude. But in terms of doing the right thing when it comes to acting on the citizen’s right to vote, they’re more patriotic than we can ever imagine.

So much for Freedom Fries, eh?

This was lovingly handwritten on April 23rd, 2007