A DVD fit for a king

Becket.  Finally on DVD.I fought for it to be released.

I rejoiced when it was announced.

And now, in my posession, one of the greatest DVD releases of all time.

Becket. Nominated for 12 Academy Awards. Revered by O’Toole and Burton fans as one of their best. Placed on a shelf of honor. For a while, anyway.

That’s all. Now if you don’t mind, I’ll be watching King Henry II lambast his best friend. “He’s read books, you know, it’s amazing. He’s drunk and wenched his way through London but he’s thinking all the time!”

King Henry II – Am I the strongest or am I not?
Thomas Becket – You are today, but one must never drive one’s enemy to despair; it makes him strong. Gentleness is better politics, it saps virility. A good occupational force must never crush. It must corrupt.

This was lovingly handwritten on May 15th, 2007