Finding a treasure, finally

Dear World,Banacek on DVD!

Why didn’t you tell me?

How has the first season of Banacek, an old detective series staring George Peppard as a randy old priceless-item-finder, been hiding from me for over three weeks? Did any of you know it was released on DVD? On May 15th – the same day as Becket, just a few weeks after the second season of Twin Peaks!

A year ago, I didn’t think any of the three would see the light of day. But, in the span of two months, they all have been. It’s fantastic. I’m thrilled beyond words.

Of course, I nearly missed it. No one told me Banacek was released. I didn’t learn until today, when I received a text message from my friend Jim. I didn’t believe him at first. Surely, someone would have informed me of this momentous occasion before the actual release date, right?

I have now ordered the first season of Banacek. There are already plans to release the second (and final) season, which I will then order as well. I have already agreed, in the immortal words of my friend Jim – the only person to inform me of this great DVD release – to OD on Peppard.

Thankfully, someone told me. No thanks to any of you.

With love,
Corey V.

“There’s an old Polish proverb that says ‘when an owl comes to a mouse picnic, it’s not there for the sack races.'” – Thomas Banacek

This was lovingly handwritten on June 4th, 2007