Satan’s VCR

As someone who is constantly attempting to position myself as some sort of faux-intellectual, it’s always a surprise to people that one of my hidden, deepest loves is with the acoustic rock stylings of Tenacious D.

Above the over-the-top aspects, I find “The D” to be – seriously – one of the funniest and most subtle acts in the humor industry. They are simply hilarious. Brilliant. All of that.

They are, of course, the masters of rock. They have perfected the “losers think they’re great” act. I can’t help but laugh, constantly, with difficulty in holding my bladder full.

Even the movie – which was geared more towards “everyone in the entire world” and not the usual “fans of Mr. Show and subtle, awkward sketch comedy” – was worthwhile. Not as good as the original shows, or the CD, or the concerts, but good nonetheless.

So I was surprised to hear that the Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny website was awarded a bronze Cyber Lion at the International Advertising Festival in Cannes this past week.

Then I went to see the site.

It’s awesome.

Go there now. Here’s the link again. Watch the entire intro. Then check out Satan’s VCR. Spend all of your billable hours in watching a year-and-a-half old website.

I know I just did.

This was lovingly handwritten on June 22nd, 2007