Corey Simpson

Corey SimpsonI’ll be honest – as much as I like The Simpsons as a television show, I’m not incredibly excited about The Simpsons Movie. Is that bad? I understand that the show is funny and well-written and all of that, but I just can’t get excited about it anymore. I haven’t watched an entire episode straight through in about four or five years. And I can’t blame that on cable — we get it free on Fox.

Still, I love the website. It’s great. The Simpsons Movie website gives you tons of fun games and news and clips – and, it’s got a “create your own Simpsons character” feature.

It’s hard to be accurate. After all, there aren’t that many noses and chins to choose from. So this character to the left is as close as I could get. If Corey Vilhauer lived in Springfield, [state omitted], he’d look a little different. I mean, this guy’s hot. You can’t see his paunch and you don’t see a bald spot. He’s everything I want to be. Except more yellow.

Head over there and have fun. It doesn’t take long at all — in fact, I did this while I was talking to a client on the phone.

This was lovingly handwritten on June 28th, 2007