Vote for Neshek

Vote for Neshek!I’m new to this baseball fan thing, so you’ll have to forgive me for forgetting this.

It’s getting close to the MLB All Star Weekend – one of the best sets of All Star festivities in all of sports. And with the Twins currently embroiled in a battle for their Central Division crown, and with Tori Hunter, Justin Morneau and The Best Pitcher in the League Johan Santana set to don their American League All Star jerseys, there’s just one question we all have to ask ourselves.

Have you voted for Pat Neshek yet?

You know – Pat Neshek. The half-sidearm, half-submariner righty Twins reliever that is currently up for the final American League roster spot?

The guy who has 47 strike-outs in just 39 innings? The deceivingly talented pitcher who is carrying a 1.37 ERA into the All Star Break?

Seriously. Go vote. It’s simple – you can even vote multiple times (and it saves your choices, so it’s easy to vote up to 20 times in a sitting. I know. I have.)

He’s fun to watch. And, we need another player on the team – after all, Joe Nathan and Joe Mauer were both left off for only having a 2.20 ERA with 16 saves and only batting .302 this season, respectively. And he’s got his own blog, so he’s one of us. He’s currently in third place. He needs your help.

You have until 6 PM ET on Thursday.

Well, what are you waiting for? VOTE!

This was lovingly handwritten on July 3rd, 2007