Promotion, with sprinkles

I wrote this over at our company blog – Post Haste. I’m simulcasting it here because I’m probably busy reading Harry Potter.


The Simpsons MovieInitially, I was lukewarm about seeing The Simpsons Movie.

I haven’t watched the show in years, though I’ve always liked it. Like many of us, I spent plenty of hours watching The Simpsons re-runs in the commons area at my dorm, in my college apartments, and at my friend’s house once I graduated.

I thought I had seen it all, really. What else can The Simpsons do that could cover the two hours a movie commonly lasts?

And then, suddenly, I was sucked in again. I was ready to see the movie. I hoped it would come out tomorrow, even.

What happened?

I became part of The Simpsons’ universe.

The Simpsons Movie isn’t being promoted simply through trailers and word of mouth, both of which would have been sufficient in and of themselves. If that was the case, I’d still be ho-hum about it. I’d still wonder what the big deal could possibly be about, still thinking I’d seen it all.

But instead of resting on the laurels of its name and its reputation as being an edgy, always funny, long running cartoon sitcom, The Simpsons Movie is going an extra step. It’s putting you in Springfield, Wherever. It’s putting you not just in the theatre, but in the cartoon’s universe through several clever and amazing stunts.

First, go to The Simpsons Movie website. Create your own avatar. That’s you, only as a Simpsons character. Sure, it’s good for hours of wasted time, but it’s even more amazing to see yourself as one of the popular yellow skinned, four fingered characters.

Then, find one of the 12 7-11 stores that were miraculously turned into a Kwik-E-Mart. Walk in, and get lost in all of the Simpsons regalia. Krusty Os? Buzz Cola? Pink doughnuts with sprinkles? It’s all there. You’ve got to see it to believe it: Click Here for the Pictures.

Why does this work?

Because everyone knows who The Simpsons are. But none of us can ever have the chance to be in the same situations. It’s a cartoon, you know? The Simpsons’ Springfield is unable to be replicated.

Until now. Now, you’re able to put yourself where you’ve never been able to. And in doing that, you’re connecting yourself perfectly.

It’s also working because it’s different. People who think they’ve seen all that The Simpsons have to offer are being given another direction to look in. And once you’ve seen yourself at Moe’s Tavern, you’re suddenly reenergized to see the movie.

Now where did I set my pink doughnut?

One of 12 7-11s turned into a Kwik-E-Mart.

This was lovingly handwritten on July 21st, 2007