Exhausting a return

Every word is startling. Every sudden movement, magnified. Spots begin to swim around, turning every look into a swarming vision of disorientation. Simple tasks become excruciatingly complex, habits are quickly forgotten. The daily routine flies by and nothing can bring it back.

It’s a state of sleepiness, a plane gliding in for a crash. The peaks and valleys seem more treacherous than before; the highest excitement being paired suddenly, without warning, with a plummeting crash, like a week of coffee consumption paired with a day of fasting.

I haven’t had any caffeine in two days. And I’ve had less sleep than any three day stretch in the history of my life. A bad combination. It’s leading to this creeping mixture of tiredness and exhaustion – two things that seem similar but are very, very different.

Of course, things are also getting a lot easier. A routine is being established. And with that, my return (after a short four day hiatus) to the blogging world.

It might not be as frequent as it was in the past. But believe me, baby – I’m back. I’m back.

This was lovingly handwritten on August 5th, 2007