KELOblog goes political

Congrats, fellow poli-bloggers.

I leave town for the night and major SoDakBlogosphere news breaks. Several of South Dakota’s best and brightest bloggers were chosen to represent the blogosphere over at

Ladies and Gentlemen, the KELOland Political Blogs section. (It’s on the main blog page too.)

My invitation must have been lost in the mail. Or maybe they didn’t need a wimpy personal blogger that writes about the Sioux Falls Skyforce. I understand.

The best part? They’re not being paid for it. Which means they’re serving as a group of independent voices, infiltrating the megalithic station’s mothership, throwing the furniture around and yelling at the top of their lungs.

The barrier between our humble self-published diatribes and the true mainstream media has been breached. I hope some havoc is created. I hope some hell is raised.

Each writer is commissioned for one original, KELO-exclusive post daily. The list of KELOland entrants (and their blogs):
* Todd “My Favorite Democrat” Epp – S.D. Watch
* Pat “My Favorite Republican” Powers – South Dakota War College
* David Newquist – Northern Valley Beacon
* Joel Rosenthal – South Dakota Straight Talk
* Bob Schwartz – A South Dakota Moderate
* Anna Claire – Dakota Women
* Jon Schaff & Ken Blanchard – South Dakota Politics

To KELO’s Special Seven: if you need a guest blogger who’s always looking for publicity, chuck your keyboards in my direction.

Until then, everyone, congrats.

This was lovingly handwritten on August 16th, 2007