One quart of milk, a humidifier, seven whole chickens…

It’s more than green M&M’s, cases of beer and whole roasted chickens.

When musicians and comedians go on stage, they want potted plants, chairs with special backs, rice cakes, B-12 shots, brand-specific products and 24-packs of ribbed condoms.

While perusing the Link blog today, I found a link to The Smoking Gun’s backstage rider list section. So I went there.

It’s pretty fun.

For instance, Christina Aguilera’s catering list includes Flintstones vitamins, an entire cornucopia of health food store items, both 10 AND 6 bottles of water, depending on where they are on the list (NO EVIAN, PLEASE!) and … Oreo cookies. Oh, and they would request that you please supply exactly ZERO (0) pounds of dry ice. So PLEASE make sure that the dry ice is (isn’t?) there.

Go check it out. See what Pavarotti wanted backstage. Compare it to Beck, The Rolling Stones or Ozzy Osbourne.

There you go. Feel free to waste some time today.

This was lovingly handwritten on September 18th, 2007