Another non-ordinary day

Heading back to work after a week off can be harrying – I’m being attacked from all sides with rush jobs and hot copy requests. Of course, that’s what I should expect. After all – the words can’t stop, and as the only copywriter around here I guess I’m responsible for all of them.

A week off can do a lot to render the creativity cells useless, as well. I’m getting out of the habit of writing loosely and without care and back into the habit of carefully crafting each syllable as if a company’s entire sales plan depended on it.

When I sat down at my desk today, I noticed something I had posted a year and a half ago – something that has been so much a part of my daily sight that I forgot I had even typed it out. It’s a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, one that I thought would be inspiring and refreshing. Thankfully, it still is – I snapped out of my doldrums and got right to work.

That quote:

“Every Day Is No Ordinary Day”
I had an almost intolerable awareness that every morning began with infinite promise. Any book may be read, any idea thought, any action taken.

Anything that has ever been possible to human beings is possible to most of us every time the clock says: six in the morning.

On a day no different from the one now breaking, Shakespeare sat down to begin Hamlet.

It’s one of my favorite quotes. And in reading it, I realize that he’s right. Each day begins with endless possibilities. Anything could happen. It wasn’t just Hamlet that was begun on a day like today – it was East of Eden, “Mona Lisa,” the ceiling at the Sistine Chapel, Revolver, the screenplay for the Godfather. Every creative work in the world started somewhere. On a day just like today.

Now back to work I go.

EDIT – I’ve just realized that this isn’t the first time I’ve commented on this quote. In fact, I said pretty much the same thing about 10 months ago. Still, the quote holds true, even if I do have a penchant for repeating myself too often.

This was lovingly handwritten on October 3rd, 2007