Guitar Hero – the early years

It’s Sierra picture day again, and we’re showing off Dad’s favorite game – Guitar Hero.

Sierra Guitar Hero!

I’m eagerly awaiting the end of this month, when Sierra can sit and become as transfixed by the moving dots of Guitar Hero III as I will be. With any luck, she’ll take the game on in full stride, grabbing her first guitar-shaped controller at 5 and rocking out to Guitar Hero 7. Maybe she’ll grow up to be a metal singer or something.

On second thought, maybe not. Maybe this is a bad influence on her. I can already imagine her turning up her stereo in pure post-pubescent anger, blasting out some parent-hating diatribe while drowning her sorrows in the double kick drum of an obscure punk hardcore band.

Sierra, turn away. Maybe mom will let you listen to Baby Metallica again. At least with that, you don’t really know what you’re really getting.

This was lovingly handwritten on October 12th, 2007