Nearly nowhere to go but up

Pacers = 29.
Well, it could be a long season.

I’ll post something about my beloved Pacers as the true beginning of the season looms closer, but until then, check out the current ESPN NBA Power Rankings. Mark Stein (along with his committee of one) has knocked the Pacers down to 29. The Timberwolves, who I followed while living in Minnesota – and for whom I still have a warm spot in my heart – are ranked just below them, at 30.

Both teams are lower than the Clippers. The Clippers – the NBA’s portrait of complete ineptitude, a team that has made the playoffs so rarely in its history that they have a special guaranteed time share in Cabo San Lucas throughout the month of May.

The Pacers have won their first three preseason games – rather convincingly, actually. But that’s preseason.

Let’s just hope that the two teams don’t swap spots. I’d hate to see the Pacers wallowing even lower than the Timberwolves.

It could be a long season.

This was lovingly handwritten on October 17th, 2007