Okay, so I’m giving Twitter one last chance.

When I first signed up, it seemed pointless. So I let it sit. I ignored it, as it deserved to be ignored. But now that more people are using it, I realize it could be an interesting little time waster.

Like I need more of those.

“What’s Twitter?” This might be what you’re saying if you’re one of those without knowledge of the inner social networking secrets abound on the Internet.

Well, it’s a site/program/network/thing that allows you to type what you’re doing. Like “MrVilhauer is typing.” or “MrVilhauer is wondering why his wife decided to tell the entire office it was his birthday yesterday, resulting in an off-key rendition of the popular ‘Happy Birthday’ song as sung by the employees of HenkinSchultz.”

That’s it?

Well, yeah. There’s more, I guess. Um, you’ll just have to go to Twitter yourself. I can’t explain it. It’s a pointless exercise in Internet connectivity. But since my 9rules profile page has a Twitter feed, and since Aaron at Charisma:18 seems to post something every 15 minutes, it must be the cool thing to do.

If you’ve got an account, let me know. I don’t use Google Mail, so I can’t import my contacts and invite them all.

Again – Twitter. My Twitter page is here. Go. Become superconnected like the rest of the cool kids. I’ll see you there.

This was lovingly handwritten on October 25th, 2007