A fall trifecta

Okay, I’m going overboard on pictures today. But it’s fall, and it’s post-Halloween. And we really didn’t dress poor Sierra up this first year, so maybe my guilty conscience is responsible for plastering cute pictures of our daughter on the Internet.

So enjoy this trifecta attack from Sierra Picture Day.

Sierra Halloween Card
This is Sierra’s first holiday card, from Great Grandma Boyer in Idaho. She was thrilled.

Sierra as Leaf Pile
Admittedly, it wasn’t that we didn’t try to dress her up. It’s just that she wasn’t all that interested in going trick or treating as a raked up pile of leaves.

Sierra vs. Becket
And regardless whether she wears a costume or not, Becket still thinks she’s the weirdest thing in our house. As you can see, the feeling is mutual.

This was lovingly handwritten on November 2nd, 2007