Trying to pull a phoenix?

I’m sitting at home. Sick, but getting better.

While stumbling around on the Internet, I decided to revisit my old blog, Misc.Asst.

The idea of Misc.Asst. was to get a group of my friends – all people who are funny and smart and have different interests and all of that – together as a community to create a multi-headed blog that, while maybe not a trailblazing venture, could at least keep us occupied for a few hours a week.

It went well to begin with, actually. It was fun. I enjoyed reading through it.

It lasted all of a month, but there was promise. Of the seven people that posted, one switched jobs (that was me – I found myself with less time to dedicate to it), two are without Internet and one no longer posts blog entries on his own blog.

I still think it could work, though. And I’m willing to try it again. I miss it, actually.

With that said – anyone who wishes to post random blog posts without having to worry about running your own site (and I mean random – anything you want) let me know.

Misc. Asst. may be up and running in a few weeks. Long live Misc. Asst.!

This was lovingly handwritten on November 6th, 2007