Icon Advertising Museum

Icon Advertising MuseumFor those of us who are in advertising, a logo becomes more than just colors and shapes. A good logo symbolizes everything a company is in one quick glance. A bad logo negates the good feelings you might have. Great logos are memorable, even decades after they’ve gone by. And not only logos, but brands, characters and other advertising icons.

One place will bring them all together, and it opens Fall 2008: The Icon Advertising Museum in Kansas City.

Yeah, this is old news. I remember several posts floating around in cyberland about the voting for the Icon Hall of Fame, but didn’t think anything about it. I came across the site, though, while StumbleUpon-ing my way across the world.

It doesn’t look like much – in fact, the “gallery” link brings you to an image strangely similar to a set of booths at the Proud Panda Antique Emporium in Sioux Falls – but I’m guessing it’ll be a bit more polished when it opens in that big fancy Kansas City building, especially considering their big fancy design-friendly logo.

Conceived by a couple of old, grizzled KC ad vets, the museum will feature an icon Walk of Fame (first five inductees: Tony the Tiger, Mr. Peanut, the Aflac duck, Poppin’ Fresh and the M&M characters) and several levels of advertising history. It’ll be a real museum and everything.

Anyway, if you’re into advertising and logos and all of that stuff, it’ll probably be pretty sweet. Maybe I can hit up the American Copywriter guys for a couch or something the next time I’m there.

This was lovingly handwritten on November 8th, 2007