Misc. Asst. is officially back.

I’ve gathered some troops and doled out login IDs and passwords. The formation is set.

Ready. Aim. Fire?

Misc. Asst. is back up. Officially, it was never down – but it WAS neglected, ignored and stagnant. Now, it’s none of those things. I’ve written a new post – the first in 18 months!

What is Misc. Asst.? It’s a blog I created for my blogless friends – a place for them to write and post and grab a piece of the blogosphere without actually having to do any work on their own. I like to think I have brilliant friends. So naturally, I also like to think they’re willing to write a lot.

And they were, for a while. But a new job and new priorities curbed my momentum,and with my momentum went everyone else’s.

The difference between BMOWP and MA? BMOWP is my personal journal – my thoughts on the things that mean a lot to me. MA is my sludge pile – my thoughts on things that mean nothing, but trip my fancy at the time: Jesse Camp, former Full House stars on meth, my hatred for Bill Walton’s announcing.

It’s a fine line, really.

So yeah, it’s back. Enjoy. If you’d like to join, let me know. There’s always room, if you’re willing to be semi-active. The address will be changing soon, as will the look (hopefully).

(In fact, if you have a better design in mind, please let me know. The Misc. Asst. site shows you how basic my skills in html/Wordpress theme design were 18 months ago. Any help would be appreciated.)

Go check it out – and thanks!

This was lovingly handwritten on November 22nd, 2007