Mind the gap

Was it a misunderstanding? Or was it genuine slagging of her employer?

Regardless, Emma Clarke, voice of the London Underground Tube System, was fired.

From the BBC Article:

Ms Clarke, from Altrincham, Greater Manchester, upset her paymasters by allegedly saying she did not use the Tube because it was “dreadful”.

LU said it would not be offering her further work but Ms Clarke said she had been “wildly misquoted”.

She told BBC News: “What I actually said was that travelling in a Tube train would be dreadful for me, listening to my own voice and seeing the haunted faces of commuters being subjected to me telling them to ‘mind the gap’.

“I would find it quite an uncomfortable experience in the same way that when I call a company when I’m their on hold voice and it’s me saying – please press 2 for accounts – it’s a creepy experience to be honest.”

The voice is familiar to me – I remember it vividly from my short time in London, and though I’m not intimate with it as many London residents are, I do feel it’s quite too bad. Of course, it will be replaced, I’m sure, with someone similar.

She also posted some sample LU spoofs – which can be found here.

Mind the Gap, indeed.

This was lovingly handwritten on November 27th, 2007