This has been up all day as the main headline on, according to Kerrie.

“Augie to get Andy Warhol artworks”

Artwork is a collective noun, meaning both a single piece of art or an entire group.

I tried to give The Argus Leader a break. I looked up “artworks” in three different dictionaries, both American and British. It’s not there. There’s an entry for “artwork,” but nothing for the plural.

Which makes sense. Since “artwork” means a collective group of pieces of art, an extra “s” is redundant.

I don’t try to pick on the Argus. It’s just that they always seem to do stuff like this. Either they made up a word, or it’s a pretty obvious and very embarrassing misspelling. Whoops.

If you’re actually curious about the article itself, here’s a snippet. According to the article:

Augustana College and its Eide-Dalrymple Gallery will receive a collection of about 150 original Polaroid photos and gelatin silver prints that Warhol created.

The gift, with an estimated value of $153,000, comes through the Andy Warhol Photographic Legacy Program in connection with the Warhol Foundation’s 20th anniversary.

This was lovingly handwritten on November 29th, 2007