The Week at Misc. Asst. – 11.30.07

Until readership at Misc. Asst. gets off the ground, I’ll be summarizing the content over here at BMOWP. So get reading!

Misc. Thanksgiving thought asst. from Japan – rsanderson
-Thoughts on Thanksgiving in a country that doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving.

Al, Give Me Absolution – Deane
-How do you know you’re doing enough to save the planet?

Guitar Hero — the game that defines our generation? – Tevin Steinke
-Rock on, friends. Rock on.

High definition, low quality – MrVilhauer
-Great presentation vs. horrible content.

There you go! And if you’re looking for the feed, it’s way at the bottom (or, click right here). Some things will be updated this weekend for a better user experience. And more blather!

This was lovingly handwritten on November 30th, 2007