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For a copywriter, everything revolves around the headline. While we can doodle around with body copy – even have fun with it! – and inject a little bit of our own personality and style into an ad, building the headline takes a fine, pointed talent. It’s my biggest struggle – and I’m sure it’s the biggest struggle for many.

Writing a perfect headline is the goal. It helps sell the idea to both the client and the customer.

So when I see headlines like this one for The Lung Association, I can’t help but say “wow.”

The Lung Association Ad

Simple. Pointed. Striking. The message is there as simply as can be. And as someone who has been affected by lung cancer through my grandfather, it sure makes me think.

Bravo, TWBA.

(From Advertising/Design Goodness, a fellow 9rules site.)

This was lovingly handwritten on December 6th, 2007