The Week at Misc. Asst. – 12.07.07

It’s been a quiet week over at Misc. Asst.

But with two more people possibly coming on and a site update, maybe we’ll be firing on all cylinders (or whatever other cliche you want to use) within a few weeks!

HWM Reunites!!! And what the next record (god willing) could be…” – Tim
-Hot Water Music was one of the greatest punk bands ever. They’re getting back together for a reunion tour, of sorts, and one superfan is very excited.

Camo not included” – Corey
-Where we welcome a new writer and formerly welcome the other people who started posting anew.

$20M-agna Carta” – Corey
-The Magna Carta is for sale. THE MAGNA CARTA OMG!


This was lovingly handwritten on December 7th, 2007