Miami Sharks

Just catching up on a full week of missed blog entries (I was far too busy last week to open my aggrigator at work, and now I’m paying for it.)

I love this post from Where’s My Jetpack? regarding the woeful Miami Dolphins. They need more than a new General Manager and Coach – they need an entire re-branding campaign.

From the post:

We’re talking about dolphins. Gentle, playful, cute, always-smiling dolphins. This is not a good football animal mascot like a bear, lion, bronco, jaguar, bengal, colt, eagle, ram, charger, seahawk, panther or falcon. The only animal mascot in the NFL with a weaker image than a dolphin is a cardinal. And the Cardinals have sucked forever. One of the original names floated for the franchise was Sharks. That says football.

Well said. There’s more fun where that came from – check it out.

This was lovingly handwritten on January 7th, 2008