The New England Yankees

Super Bowl XLIIFor nine months out of the year, the number one story on the sports landscape seems to be New York Yankees versus Boston Red Sox. Both teams could be a complete non-story and they’d still make the first fifteen minutes of ESPN coverage. It’s a tired rivalry – one that surely has legendary history but lately feels like a distracting media whore; like a high school homecoming queen at her first college kegger, important because of who she was, not where she is now.

So you’ll have to forgive me if I’m callous to this year’s Super Bowl. The roles are reversed, but it’s still the same story. New York vs. Boston. New York as scrappy underdog, Boston as steamrolling Goliath.

Does that mean Brady is the game’s Jeter? Who is Manning?

* sigh * Let the hyperbole begin.

(And, let’s see how long it takes the No Fun League to notice my image and order me to remove it.)

This was lovingly handwritten on January 21st, 2008