Unmatched everything

So I see A’Mentele twitter’n (bragging, more like it) about his unmatched style front page feature. (His blog, Charisma:18, is very pretty. But he does that stuff for a living, so what do you expect?)

Then I click on my blog. Up comes my patchwork representation of blog design, adapted from someone else’s blog design, slow loading and certainly not CSS perfect.

And when I click on Misc. Asst., it’s even worse. That site’s got a lot of work to do.

I’m in over my head. So I ask, with pleading eyes…

…does anyone want to create a pretty blog for me? Pretty please?

Seriously. If you’re a loyal reader of BMOWP (or Misc. Asst.), talk to me. I need a new blog design. I talk about how much I love great design, then I struggle to create my own.


This was lovingly handwritten on January 22nd, 2008