God’s Eye View

Here’s some great work from The Glue Society – a design/art/direction agency out of Sydney – entitled “God’s Eye View.”

Recognize these scenes? (They’re big, so apologies for slow loading)





The work’s been out for a month or so, but you know how magazines are – a month behind on everything.

From the article in Creativity magazine (where I discovered the art):

Glue Society creative James Sive spent over three months creating the images, an edition of five selling for $36,000. Dive combed through satellite imagery, analyzing distortions based on height, seasonal colors, oceanscapes and more.

Then he drew our the individual scenarios and searched for them on Google Earth, sometimes stitching together multiple images. Eden, Dive says, is in Belgium. Finally, the 3D elements, like the ark, were constructed along with Sydney modeling shop Cream Studios.

I love Google Earth, so I naturally love this stuff. I’d like to see the elusive “fifth” – I’ve only been able to locate these four images, and all signs point that only four were shown.

It makes me wonder what other historical stuff could be “found” in satellite footage.

This was lovingly handwritten on January 23rd, 2008