Why the D-League Rules

Been busy, what with work and life, so BMOWP has been a little sparse lately. Sorry about that.

With the NBA (and D-League) All Star Game quickly approaching, and with a special Valentine’s Night Skyforce game against Dakota, I couldn’t help but post this great take on D-League basketball from Hardwood Paroxysm: “Dr. BoomTho, Or: How I Learned To Stop Hating And Love The D-League.” In it, they sum up all the reasons I love the D-League – including the reasons you should stop grousing about the league’s lack of superstars and “talent” and start gazing in wonder at the league’s excitement, hard work and rewards.

From the post:

Most baseball fans don’t know anything about their team’s farm system. They couldn’t tell you a damn thing about who Jed Lowrie is, Jordan Zimmerman is, Clayton Kershaw is. But the rabids can. And it’s a good thing. Not only do minor-league teams provide amazing gimmick-nights, but they also bring a little professional quality athletics to areas that don’t normally get to enjoy those kinds of events. So there’s that. It’s entertainment that’s affordable. And it allows fans to have yet another area for them to get excited about and “geek” out over.

So why can’t this success be replicated for basketball? Why is it such a stretch to think that the NBA can drum up enough quality players to put together decent games? And why are we so insulted by the idea of inferior quality of play? Basketball’s basketball. And there are some legitimate talents in the league.

Check it out. (via Deadspin)

This was lovingly handwritten on February 14th, 2008