My Favorite Movies – Intro

Long-form film, like a great book, does more than entertain.

Great movies move people. They inspire. They cause empathy, longing and joy. Characters become family members, dialogue turns into a group of catchphrases and scenes are exposed on the negative of our memory. We remember certain movements, twitches, off-handed remarks. We celebrate the campy, we despise the obvious, we create mantles upon which to place our favorites.

In honor of the upcoming Oscars, I will be presenting my ten favorite movies in the history of film, one at a time, two per day. And since I’m infatuated with lists, each movie will be accompanied by a short list.

In addition, I’ve asked friends, family and bloggers to put together their lists. These guest posts will be put up as the week progresses. Not to mention a set of movie lists to be posted by the writers at Misc. Asst.

The movies selected may seem scattershot and random. But that’s the nature of the art form – where the simplest environmental factors (mood, surroundings, peers, preconceived attitudes) can effect how the same movie is viewed by different people. One person’s brilliance is another’s tripe. One person’s snooze-fest is another’s entertainment.

But hey, we’re not talking about simple entertainment.

We’re talking about movies.

My Favorite Movies

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
All the President’s Men

This is Spinal Tap
High Fidelity


The Life Aquatic
The Godfather, Part II

Monty Python and the Holy Grail


This was lovingly handwritten on February 18th, 2008