Writing a blog

Hold on for a few seconds. I’m going to get curmudgeony.

You don’t write a blog. You don’t post a blog. You don’t tell people about the blog you just wrote, about how you’ll talk about it on a forthcoming blog.

Blog is short for weblog, the entire entity that contains your writing. The Web site itself. The series of writings arranged in a descending chronological order. That’s a blog. Not the individual piece.

You write posts. Or articles. Or synopses. Stories. Reviews. But not blogs.

You write ON a blog. You write FOR a blog. But you don’t write a blog. That is, unless you’re talking in the technical sense; writing the code that will form a blog could be considered “writing a blog.” It’s like writing an article for a publication and saying “I just wrote a magazine,” or “You can read about in my latest magazine.”

That’s all. Semantics, I know. But it’s just something I’m tired of reading.

This was lovingly handwritten on March 10th, 2008