I want to write books

Someday, I want to write books. Books of short stories, probably. I can’t even wrap my mind around writing a novel. It’s just too big. Too daunting.

I’ve got some ideas, already. Some have been done. Others have not. All hold promise. All just need some push and a lot of time.

I want to write about two friends who discover a horrible secret at a lake house.

I want to write about what it was like to witness my grandfather as he died of cancer.

I want to write stories based on the songs from Ween’s Chocolate and Cheese.

I want to write stories.

Who knows. Maybe one of these will turn into a book. It’s happened before. A short story by the title of “Rabbit, Run” turned into book, which in turn created a multiple time Pulitzer Prize winning series and made John Updike the name we know today.

Someday, I’ll write a book of short stories. I’ll make time to write more than just a hastily created blog post. I’ll struggle to have it published. I’ll frame my rejection letters. I’ll create cover art in MS Paint. I’ll hide it in a drawer. I’ll create seventeen DVD copies of the file and scatter them throughout the world, just in case.

In fact, I’ve already started. Who knows how long it will take. Really, who knows how long anything will take.

This was lovingly handwritten on March 28th, 2008